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Peak Group Health and Safety

Health & Safety

General information

Our policy

1. General


Peak Group recognises its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work, ETC., Act 1974 and other relevant safety legislation with regard to its employees and others who may be affected.


Peak Group place great importance on Health and Safety and are fully committed to proper compliance with all legislation and maintaining high standards in this regard.


A Peak Group Safety Manager will be responsible for organising training, reviewing method statements and policies and providing expert advice within each contract.


As far as is reasonably practical, Peak Group will provide a safe place of work with safe access and egress, information, training, instruction and supervision, as necessary, to identify, eliminate or control hazards and risks at the workplace.


Safe working conditions will be set up and enforced and where necessary accidents and dangerous occurrences will be logged and reported to the relevant authority.


All employees will be expected to cooperate with this policy and carry out their work, as far as is reasonably practical, safely and without risk to others, utilising all equipment and methodologies provided for their safety.


Peak Group will provide all PPE equipment necessary to carry out the operations.


The operation of this policy will be monitored and resourced by Peak Group and a copy of this notice will be prominently displayed at all work sites.


2. Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan


Our appointed Safety Manager will liaise with the appointed Planning Supervisor and produce the contract specific method statements.


The hazards highlighted in such a document will be gleaned from the tender information received and from our extensive knowledge of site operations, and will be continually reviewed, and updated, by the Safety Manager during the duration of the contract.


3. Environmental policy


Peak Group Ltd is committed to excellence in all aspects of its business. This includes environmental protection, which is considered an integral part of our operations.


4. Legislation


Peak Group Ltd regards Government legislation and our company policy as minimum standards, which should be improved upon wherever it is reasonable to do so. We recognise that environmental protection is essential to the well being of staff, the local populace and the natural habitat of wildlife and will do our best to protect them. We also recognise that our day-today operations impact on the environment in a number of ways and wish to minimise the potential harmful effects of such actions wherever and whenever this it practicable.


We will endeavour to ensure that the company's activities are safe for employees, sub contractors, clients and others who are, in any way, involved in our work.


We accept that we have a duty of care as producers of waste to ensure that waste is minimised in all parts of our business and that those acting on behalf of Peak Group Ltd for waste disposal are competent to do so, discharge their own duties correctly and are able to prove this by means of the appropriate documentation and checks. We have adopted a policy to ensure that we recycle waste whenever it is reasonable to do so.


We encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices and will communicate our policy as appropriate to customers and suppliers. In adopting this policy, Peak Group Ltd commits to the provision of the requisite resources, priorities and training to fulfil its obligations. In commending this policy to employees, customers and suppliers, Peak Group Ltd seeks to encourage a full sense of shared responsibility for the protection of the environment. On this basis Peak Group Ltd is committed to the protection of the local environment and to achieving and improving environmental best practice throughout its business activities by:


Ensuring the company's activities are safe for employees, sub contractors, clients, suppliers and others who come into contact with our work.


Recognising and accepting a responsibility for contributing to the protection of the global environment, and being committed to the principal of sustainable development.


Monitoring purchasing practices and internal operations, including energy and transport to ensure best use of natural resources and minimum environmental impact.


Minimising the waste produced in all parts of our business.


Monitoring and working with our suppliers and other third parties associated with our business and setting them similar high standards.


Seeking to integrate environmental considerations into future business policy decisions.
Ensuring associates understand and are accountable to these policy goals through communication and training.


Communicating the policy as appropriate to customers and suppliers.


Developing systems to implement and review this policy.


Complying with relevant environmental legislation.


Working to improve effectiveness of our environmental management.


Using energy efficiently throughout our operations and supporting the efficient use of electricity.


Re-using and recycling wherever possible.


Finally, Peak Group Ltd will, wherever possible, advise and inform its clients, contractors and suppliers on any potential sustainable development procedures that they may be in a position to adopt.