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Who are Peak Group London?
Who are we?

A complete project delivery solution

Full range of building and refurbishment activities

A complete project delivery solution

Our construction services comprise the full range of building and refurbishment activities, providing a complete project delivery solution that radically reduces interface risk. Capabilities include 'buildability' studies, remediation and enabling works, logistics management and integrated construction delivery.

Team of engineers, specialists and experienced constructors

Our team

We have a team of engineers, specialists and highly experienced constructors with the 'state of art' building equipments to ensure timely completion of projects. Our scope of work includes the complete range starting from, design and drawing and approval by the city council, construction and handing over. Our design takes into account the latest development in building construction standards around the world and keeps abreast with them. We strictly adhere to building standards and specifications.

Environmentally friendly materials

Our philosophy

Our design philosophy includes the latest concepts in 'green urban homes of tomorrow' and environmentally friendly materials without compromising the elegance and beauty. We also include rainwater harvesting, grey water storage and utilising for gardening etc.

Client satisfaction with Peak Group

Client Satisfaction

Provision of client satisfaction is key to ensure repeat ongoing business and that is why Peak Group works diligently to provide positive and inventive solutions to all projects regardless of size. Our commitment to you as our customer is second to none, as we have always believed this is key to our ongoing success as a business.


This success is due to the open, transparent and professional culture developed and encouraged at all levels within the company. This transparency constantly underpins our success in an industry known for its problematic client relationships.

Peak Group offers full project management

Full project management

Peak Group offers full project management service to our clients to ensure the timely completions of all projects. One of our biggest strengths is our commitment to intelligent management throughout the entire life-cycle of each project; which is your guarantee of efficiency and excellence.


This efficiency is underpinned by providing the relevant documentation and planning tools, to ensure the client, office and site based staff have the up to date information at their fingertips.


Quality, value for money, health and safety commitments and a tailored, personal service to you the client are vital components to successful delivery of your project.